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07/10/2024 –  SWE-GGS Family Engineering Day

GGS Scholarship Fund

Donate to the GGS Scholarship Fund!
Over the history of the GGS Scholarship, we’ve helped countless young women pursuing engineering degrees transition from high school to college.

Be A SWE Leader

Are you interested in being a part of the FY25 SWE GGS leadership team? Check out a full list of our elected and appointed positions here! To hold a position, you must be a registered SWE member and assigned to the SWE Golden Gate Section. 
The fiscal year runs from July 1st 2024 – June 30 2025. Interested? Please send an email to with the name of the position you would like to seek.

We are looking to fill the positions below:
Social Media Co-chair
Slack Community Administrator
Community College of San Francisco Liaison
San Francisco State University Liaison
UC Berkeley Liaison
University of San Francisco Liaison

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