Leadership Roles and Responsibilities


These positions are elected by the members of the SWE Golden Gate Section.


The President is responsible for representing the SWE Golden Gate Section before the public and presiding at meetings of the section leadership team. They serve as the main point of contact for the organization. Official duties include interviewing and appointing members of the leadership team, authorizing disbursement of section funds and approving the year-end section financial report. They also provide oversight and guidance to all chair positions on the leadership team, coordinate annual retreats for the leadership team, assist and oversee in section event and activity planning, and execute the business and policies of the section. President is a two-year role elected in even fiscal years and must have previous leadership team experience as part of SWE GGS.

Vice President

The Vice President assists the President in oversight of the section including tasks such as attending and running the monthly leadership team meetings, attending monthly check-ins with the chair positions, actively participating in committees throughout the year, and other duties, whether assigned by the President. The VP also assumes the duties of President in case the elected President is no longer able to serve. Vice President is a two-year role elected in odd fiscal years and must have previous leadership team experience as part of SWE GGS.


The Secretary is responsible for collecting data around the engagement of the SWE Golden Gate section including creating charts and graphs to showcase trends for events such as host and attendee experience as well as social media data points. They are also in charge of maintaining the section procedures and bylaws. The secretary takes meeting minutes at all leadership team meetings and keeps track of open items and discussion points for the team. They also ensure that the section is following the brand guidelines of SWE National and keep all marketing documents up to date. Secretary is a two-year role elected in odd fiscal years and is preferred to have previous leadership team experience as part of SWE GGS.


The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring financial assets of SWE Golden Gate are tracked and protected. They are in charge of collecting, safely keeping, and distributing all section funds including signing all checks, depositing section funds, and keeping an exact accounting of all receipts and expenditures. They prepare and submit the annual section budget, ensure Section IRS filings are complete (EIN up to date), maintain updated signature cards for all bank accounts, and maintain all passwords for online banking activity. Important deadlines include filing the section’s E-postcard or 990 tax forms by November 15th every year and preparing and submitting the annual financial report to the Society by July 30th every year. Treasurer is a two-year role elected in even fiscal years and must have previous leadership team experience as part of SWE GGS.

Chairs of committees are appointed by the President. Those interested in serving on a committee or as a committee chair should contact the President or nominating committee members. 
Communications Committee Chair
The Communications Chair is responsible for curating content for the SWE-GGS newsletter to increase member engagement and ensure outreach of events. The newsletter is sent out bi-weekly using Mailchimp to a community of 500+ people.
Events Chair (formerly known as Membership Chair)
Events Chair is responsible for planning and organizing outreach events, workshops, panels and social events along with other members of the leadership team. They ensure that an adequate number of events are planned and organized to ensure active participation and engagement of the current and prospective members. They set up invitations, ticketing and other logistics coordination for the events. They also assess the success of events through attendee feedback, participation metrics, and other relevant data. The events chair maintains the roster of members in the Section, greets new members, and maintains a list of program attendance for Section records and planning.
Outreach Committee Chair
The Outreach Chair(s) are in charge of SWE Golden Gate outreach efforts focusing on young women (K-12) and other underserved populations in engineering. They organize everything from career informational sessions to engineering workshops in the local area, typically with local schools and other engineering organizations. Some of the schools SWE GGS Outreach has partnered with in the past have included UC Berkeley, SFSU, City College SF, and Oakland High School.
Programs Committee Chair 
Oversees executions of programs as indicated by the Section annual schedule
Scholarship Program Committee Chair

The Scholarship Program Chair manages the SWE GGS annual scholarship program which runs from January to April of each fiscal year. Responsibilities include setting the timeline for the scholarship program each year, setting up the scholarship application and processing submissions, distributing information to and communicating with local high school and community college representatives, and keeping our school representative list up to date. They also chair the committee that is formed for scholarship evaluation each year, setting up the process for evaluation, meeting with the committee to debrief and select the scholarship recipients, and notifying the students who are selected. Scholarship Program Chair is a two-year role appointed by members of the section executive council (President, VP, Treasurer, and Secretary).
Scholarship Awards Banquet Committee Chair
The Scholarship Awards Banquet Chair plans and runs the Annual Scholarship Awards Banquet. The scholarship banquet is an event to recognize and celebrate the local high school students who received this award. Responsibilities include scoping a venue, organizing the agenda, adhering to the budget, and hosting the event.

Funds Development Committee Chair
The Funds Development Chair is responsible for organizing financial and in-kind sponsorships for the section.

The role includes the following work:

  • Updating the Corporate Sponsorship package for each fiscal year.
  • Brainstorming unique ways to acquire funds and finding new corporate sponsors.
  • Managing all connections with companies and ensuring that SWE-GGS delivers on the promises made in the sponsorship agreement.

    The funds development chair is a two-year role appointed by members of the section executive council (President, VP, Treasurer, and Secretary).

Social Media Chair
The Social Media Chair is responsible for managing SWE-GGS accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin posting about events, scholarships, and ways to get involved. Additionally, they design graphics for the website and merchandise.

Website Administrator Chair
The Website Administrator is responsible for maintaining the SWE-GGS website as a source of information for current and prospective members of GGS. Website is hosted through WordPress through SWE National. Beneficial experience would include HTML.

Student Section Liaison
Interfaces as desired by the collegiate section. Help plan profession section / collegiate section events. We have one liaison per collegiate section in our region:
– SF State
– UC Berkeley
– City College SF

SFSU Liasion

The SFSU Liaison is responsible for organizing a mentorship program between professional SWE GGS members and collegiate San Francisco State University SWE members. The SFSU liaison facilitates monthly meetings for the mentorship pairs and provides mentorship guides for each month. The SFSU Liaison also collaborates with the SFSU SWE section to host 1-2 social and professional events per semester.